Sensible Dental

Looking at Brochure“Many times over the years,” Dr. Bosacker explains, “I have had new patients come in who are confused.  They don’t understand what their previous dentist has told them about their teeth. They are unclear about how the treatment plan for their mouth was created and what exactly was being proposed. What they need is someone to take the time to help them make sense of it all. Sometimes helping this patient involves slowing down and taking time to discuss the treatment plan with them in more detail or in more basic terms. Other times helping them involves coming up with a new plan that makes better sense given their dental health needs or financial concerns.”

Dr. Bosacker goes on to say, “Dental treatment plans can often be complex but they should not be confusing.  We enjoy helping patients better understand their dental health condition and their options for treatment.  It’s our aim to visit with the patient, listen to their concerns and wishes, and then together, we can determine their individual Sensible Dental treatment plan.”